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 Lead Fine Lift at Clínica Privé


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Privé MEDSPA PDO Lead Fine Lift

The Revolutionary New Absorbable Thread Lifts

Today women prefer less invasive and non-invasive procedures that involve minimal downtime and less self care after the treatment.

PDO (Polydioxanone) thread is a thread with no cones, thus no damage to the tissue. This is the same thread used in Cardiac and other surgeries as sutures, and thus it is very safe.

The procedure is suitable for most people from 25 onwards, when the effects of ageing become apparent. Ageing causes the skin tissue to thin because the collagen and elastin fiber’s break down, which results in sagging skin, deep creases, folds and wrinkles. PDO thread reverses the effects of ageing.

If the patient does not want face-lift surgery, thread lift can be effective alternative.

Threads are implanted into the sub-dermal skin and stimulate the production of collagen and the skin becomes firmer, elastic and moisturized. The thread dissolves itself in couple of months but the effect last for 12-18 months

The thread can be applied to anywhere on the body, such as a flabby face, cheeks, eyebrows, to prevent eye bags, sagging neck skin, fine lines around Cheeks, angle around the mouth, laugh lines, forearm and abdomen, smokers lines and lifting of breast.

The procedure is very simple, nearly the same as dermal fillers, but in this we leave a thread inside instead of filler.

The self-induced collagen structure for skin lift and tightening


Polydioxanone (PDO), synthetic absorbable monofilament thread is commonly used in cardiovascular surgery and fine ligatures. It is ultra thin thread made from polydioxanone (PDO) a thread which dissolves in up to 8 months and which yields amazing rejuvenation results. The application of the thread is practically non-invasive and painless, takes up to 50 minutes, leaves no scaring or cuts and the minor redness disappears within a few days. In addition, you can apply it almost anywhere on the body. The threads were created as an alternative for patients who do not want to go down the route of surgical face lift but still want the effects of a surgical face-lift. Threads are used for regeneration of skin, improving the structure of the face, neck and décolleté and breasts, buttocks, abdomen or even elbows and knees. These threads provide a natural and youthful appearance of the skin and protect against wrinkles for a long time. 

PDO Face Thread Lifting is not to pull the skin artificially for suppleness but to induce the foreign body reaction through using PDO threads, Gold thread, Multi thread, Duples thread and others. Lifting produces collagen itself and then improves the blood circulation for elastic skin and elimination of wrinkles naturally. This treatment has the various strong points which are simple surgery, speedy recovery, long-lasting effect and no side effect. 

Flabby skin worsens the appearance of wrinkles. Lifted contouring of the body and face along with a much more youthful complexion can be achieved instantly by collagen that resides in the deeper layer of our skin.

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