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Privé MEDSPA One clinic for all your cosmetic needs...

Clínica Privé is an Aesthetic and Dental Centre. The very latest in aesthetic skin care treatments are combined with cosmetic dentistry and dental surgery within the facility. Clínica Privé offers a complete and comprehensive range of the latest, highly sophisticated, non-surgical treatments.

Clínica Privé has an elegant and relaxing environment. Each client is given our full attention; you will be made to feel completely at ease while having the confidence that your treatment is of the highest standard.

Prive MEDSPA Alvor

Our therapists are highly trained professionals who have chosen to become specialized in anti-ageing, skin care and skin disease. We combine Aesthetic Medicine and Beauty Therapy to address all skin and body concerns naturally and holistically.

The Clínica Privé range of anti-ageing treatments include Injectables, dermal fillers, laser hair removal, facial rejuvenation and skin resurfacing. In addition to cosmetic medicine, a wide variety of skin conditions including acne, pigmentation, scar removal and rosacea are treated. When required, patients are referred to a dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon for specialised treatment. Every client is given a customised solution based on expectations, budget, time constraints and pathology.

Since inception, Clínica Privé has been at the forefront of aesthetic and anti-ageing skin care treatments and has pioneered the use of cutting-edge technologies. In addition to medical class LASERS (Candela GentleYag, Candela V-Beam, Syneron CO2RE), HydraFacial MD® and tmt® transdermal mesotherapy systems the clinics also have the latest technologies such as CarboxyTherapy, Fractional Radiofrequency (EndyMED™ 3DEEP®) and LED Light Therapy.

Complementing skin and aesthetic treatments, the clinic also offers a full range of body treatments, specialising in circumference and fat reduction, cellulite removal, liposculpture, reduction of stretch marks and a medically based weight loss programme. Furthermore, Clínica Privé disposes some of the most advanced body shaping technologies available in the Algarve known as EndyMED™ 3DEEP®, UltraShape V3® and VelaShape II®.

Prive MEDSPA Alvor

Prive MEDSPA Alvor

Prive MEDSPA Alvor

Prive MEDSPA Alvor


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