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Privé MEDSPA A Safe Enviroment

As a caring team we take seriously our responsibility to ensure everyone's safety from the transmission of infectious diseases during any treatment. We would like you to know that this is not a new subject at our practice. We have always taken the utmost precautions to ensure your safety while visiting us. Our office proudly meets and exceeds the strict inflection control guidelines. If you have any concerns, questions or comments about our procedures, please feel free to bring them forward. We would welcome the opportunity to put you at ease.

Privé MEDSPA - A Safe Enviroment

Some steps in the infection control process are obvious like the use of gloves and masks. What you don't see are the many steps conducted behind the scenes like autoclaving and packaging intruments, using disposable products where possible, cleaning, disinfecting and using barrier techniques in the treatment room for each and every patient to ensure everyone's safety.

Most importantly our staff members are thoroughly trained in all safety procedures and regularly attend education courses to remain up to date with the latest information.


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