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The use of prosthetic design systems with CAD CAM Technology (robot production using computer designs) is one of the most important breakthroughs in modern dentistry. These sophisticated machines allow us to execute prosthetic works with maximum precision. After this, the pieces are subject to a manual personalization and “make-up” process that grants them their aesthetic quality and that makes every piece unique.

A job in which the technical precision of a machine is combined with the craftsmanship of a custom manual finish.

The advantages of this system are basically the following:

Excellent aesthetics: Computer design allows us to pinpoint the specific requirements of each patient and the ceramic quality utilized is unparalleled, eliminating the traditional metal alloys from the structures and caps. The manual finish is essential in order to achieve the required aesthetics and natural results.

Total biocompatibility: Prosthetic pieces manufactured using this method, are mainly of the following types:

– Feldspar crowns or adhered ceramics: The ceramic pieces are glued directly onto the tooth enamel and dentin of the natural tooth reaching much higher levels of resistance and far superior aesthetic results than using prosthetic pieces with the traditional metal caps.

– Zirconium crowns and bridges: Currently the most advanced system for manufacturing prosthetics, suited for pieces to be placed on implants as well as on natural teeth. It is an extremely durable material that also offers very interesting advantages in dentistry, due to its high level of biocompatibility (much higher than the traditional metals widely used), along with its whiteness and transparency, it allows us to substantially improve the aesthetics compared to conventional prosthetic pieces.

Fast and convenient for the patient
Crowns can be manufactured and placed on the same day in most cases without having to use temporary pieces. The patient benefits from a fast treatment, and more importantly, quality is not only sacrificed, on the contrary, it is improved. On the other hand there is a substantial time reduction in the process, as the number of visits to the practice is reduced to a minimum.


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