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Privé MEDSPA ZO® SKIN HEALTH Cosmeceutical Range

ZO Skin Health is our newest prescription-strength product line from acclaimed Dr. Zein Obagi. Recognized as one of the most potent and effective skincare lines on today's market, ZO Skin Health contains only the highest concentrations of amino peptides, pure retinol, and powerful antioxidants to completely transform skin on a cellular level, producing dramatic results from the inside out.

While the ZO Skin Health line can be used quite effectively as part of a daily skincare regimen, it is especially well-suited for patients desiring to go beyond routine maintenance to an intensive healing program that completely restructures damaged skin from the inside out.  

One of the remarkable features of the ZO line is the sheer variety of skin problems it treats. From common issues like acne and aging to conditions like rosacea and hyperpigmentation, ZO's vast arsenal of products allows us to expertly tailor personalized treatment programs for the individual patient.   

It is important to note that ZO Skin Health, and indeed all clinician exclusive skincare lines, are in a separate class from drugstore products. This is because clinician exclusive products contain a chemical purity and percentage of active ingredient obtainable only through a doctor's office.



Offects TE-Pads ACNE Pore Treatment

Reduces sebum production, removes dead skin cells and deep-cleans congested pores using 2% salicylic acid. Botanical extracts calm inflammation and soothe irritation. Recommended for prevention and treatment of oily skin and breakouts.

Directions for Use:
Empty the contents of the glass bottle into the plastic jar. The pads will absorb the treatment solution. Keep the jar securely closed to prevent leakage or dehydration.

Rinse and dry your face. Use pads twice a day, AM and PM.

Offects TE Pads ACNE Pore Treatment at Privé MEDSPA
Ossential Daily Power Defense

Time-released retinol, antioxidants, and specialized DNA repairing enzymes work around-the-clock to help minimize UV oxidative damage and uneven pigmentation, while restoring skin function and elasticity.

Directions for Use:
Following cleansing, apply 2 -3 pumps over your face and neck every morning. Massaging skin increases absorption, penetration and stimulation. Follow with ZO® Skin Health Oclipse® Sunscreen + Primer SPF 30.

Ossential Daily Power Defense at Privé MEDSPA
Ossential Growth Factor Serum

Ossential Growth Factor Serum uses two proprietary peptides to support collagen production for increased skin density. Combining retinol and amino acids, cellular function is stimulated, collagen degradation reduced, and elasticity restored.

Directions for Use:
Following cleansing, depress pump once or twice, and apply over your face and neck every evening, 30 minutes before retiring. Massaging skin increases absorption, penetration and stimulation.

Ossential Growth Factor Serum at Privé MEDSPA
Ossential Radical Night Repair Plus

A full 1% concentration of retinol stimulates new cell activity and collagen formation in aged and UV damaged skin faster and more effectively than any other anti-aging treatment.

Directions for Use:

Due to the concentration of retinol, this is a very potent product. Initially some dryness, irritation and peeling are normal. These symptoms typically develop 3-7 days following the first application and indicate skin cells are awakening, and damaged skin is being repaired.

If you are not currently using retinol, begin gradually. Following cleansing, apply 2-3 pumps twice a week in the evening, 30 minutes before retiring. Increase frequency as tolerated.

Ossential Radical Night Repair Plus at Privé MEDSPA
Ommerse Renewal Cream

This functional hydrator contains encapsulated retinol, powerful antioxidants and an anti-inflammatory agent to calm, replenish, rejuvenate, and repair the skin moisture barrier.

Directions for Use:
Apply 1-2 pumps every morning over face and neck. Follow with Oclipse® Sunscreen + Primer SPF 30.

Omerse Renewal Cream at Privé MEDSPA
Ommerse Overnight Recovery Cream

Calming agents help prevent inflammation as retinol and other ingredients work more actively overnight to repair and regenerate skin cells to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Directions for Use:
Depress pump 1-2 times, and apply over your face and neck 30 minutes before retiring.

Ommerse Privé MEDSPA
Olluminate Intense Eye Repair

Stabilized retinol and advanced peptides aid in strengthening skin and minimizing fine lines and wrinkles. Optical diffusers highlight the eye area to reduce the appearance of dark circles. Olluminate Intense Eye Repair helps reduce puffiness and discoloration with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients.

Directions for Use:
Following cleansing, place a small amount around the eyes and massage into skin until fully absorbed. Repeat morning and evening.

Olluminate Eye Repair at Privé MEDSPA
Oraser Microderm Hand Renewal

Oraser Microderm Hand Renewal makes a dramatic and immediate improvement in the appearance of hands. Retinol, an active form of vitamin A, helps restore and maintain a youthful appearance. Sugar crystals exfoliate the skin, gently scrubbing away rough, dull skin leaving it smooth. Shea butter moisturizes, hydrates, and softens the skin to make hands look and feel younger.

Directions for Use:
Gently rub a generous amount between dry hands for a few seconds so the shea butter can melt. Smooth and massage in circular motion for 30 seconds. Allow product to sit for a minute so hydrators and oils can be absorbed. Rinse thoroughly with tepid water and blot dry. Use once to twice a week as part of the Oraser® Hand Care Program including Oraser® Daily Hand Repair SPF 20 for day and Oraser® Overnight Hand Recovery for night.

Oraser Microderm Hand Renewal at Privé MEDSPA
Oraser Daily Hand Repair SPF 20

Applied daily, Oraser Daily Hand Repair helps erase the signs of aging hands. Using powerful antioxidants, brightening and amino acid complexes, it helps minimize age spots, fine lines and wrinkles. Broad spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreen helps prevent future damage.

Directions for Use:
Starting at your pulse points, apply lavishly, smoothing into hands, wrists and cuticles. Apply liberally before sun exposure. Reapply as needed or after washing hands, swimming, perspiring, towel drying or extended sun exposure. Use as part of the Oraser® Anti-Aging Hand Care Program.

Oraser Daily Hand Repair at Privé MEDSPA
Oraser Overnight Hand Recovery

A unique, proprietary combination of retinol, powerful antioxidants, and rich emollients give ZO® Skin Health’s Oraser Overnight Hand Recovery cream the ability to help reduce pigmentation and the incidence of fine lines and wrinkles.

Directions for Use:
Generously smooth into hands, wrists and cuticles before bedtime. Use as part of the Oraser® Anti-Aging Hand Care Program.

Oraser Overnight Hand Recovery at Privé MEDSPA

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