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Privé MEDSPA Nobel Biocare Dental Implant Systems

Nobel Biocare is a market leader in offering solutions from root to tooth, covering dental implants, restorative components, CAD/CAM prosthetics, and biomaterials. Dental implants can replace single or multiple missing teeth. They are placed in a patient’s jaw bone to provide a fixation for any prosthetic add-on, such as a crown, similar to the way the root of a tooth provides firm anchoring. There are several implant types that differ in their shape with their use depending on patients’ medical treatment requirements and the clinician’s preference.

Nobel Biocare has been a leader in scientific innovations for 40 years since its first collaboration with Professor Per-Ingvar Brånemark who discovered osseointegration, the process of titanium integrating with living bone. Today the company is one of the leading innovators of computer-aided design, manufacturing and treatment.

Nobel Biocare is an expert in restorative and aesthetic dental solutions, providing dental professionals with evidence-based tooth-to-root solutions. Nobel Biocare's mission is to help dental professionals to make a real and long-lasting difference to the well-being of patients.

Nobel Biocare provides dental professionals with a comprehensive range of innovative and science-based restorative solutions – from tooth to root, for all indications, from a single tooth to full arches, and supported by natural teeth or implants.

Nobel Biocare provides dental professionals with solutions which meet patients' all clinical and aesthetic needs. Today it offers a comprehensive portfolio of implants and prosthetics. It comprises solutions for all bone types and indications (from single-tooth to completely edentulous restorations).

Materials and technologies
Nobel Biocare's implants are made from pure titanium as for its affinity with bone. Nobel Biocare uses a specially treated type of titanium, therefore it delivers extra strength. Nobel Biocare's implants are produced with patented technologies, for example TiUnite and Groovy, which both enhance osseointegration.



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