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Privé MEDSPA NobelGuide™ Guided Surgery

NobelGuide Tochnology at PERFECT SMILE Dental ClinicNobelGuide™ is a revolutionary treatment solution which aims to provide you with beautiful, great working teeth within a day or two with fewer appointments and a less invasive procedure. This means that you can get back into your social and working life quickly and with less disruption.

NobelGuide™ Offers the following benefits to patients:

The Process..
The process involves CT planning using 3-D computer based reconstruction of your jaws. These computer reconstructions enable us to predetermine the positions of the implant(s) and also the immediate teeth or bridge. The CT data is also used to fabricate a 3-D surgical guide which is a very precise guide as to the position of the dental implants and subsequent connection to the prosthetic teeth.

NobelGuide™ is typically used for cases involving implant treatment for a full arch (i.e. no remaining teeth) or for multiple dental implants 3-5 missing teeth within a dental arch.
NobelGuide treatment planning software alow us to create a 3-D image of your jaw bone and teeth. It provides a detailed view of all anatomical structures and allows for very accurate surgical planning of dental implant positions prior to surgery.


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