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Privé MEDSPA Medical Facials for more results...

Although facials originated in spas, medical professionals have been offering in-office facials for years, mainly due to the development of prescription-strength ingredients and peels that aren’t available at a spa.

The benefit of a medical facial is usually a matter of strength, aggressiveness and knowledge. For example, when a patient is on certain medications or has special needs, the physician will be knowledgeable about the necessary approach to his or her skin concern.

Keep in mind that just like any type of skincare intervention, you may experience a period of "worse before better" with medical-grade facials. But in the long run, medical facials improve not only the look of the skin, but its health, too, because the topical formulations used have medical-grade antioxidants.

A medical facial may be right for you if you need special attention to address a particular problem or if you have moderate acne, pigment conditions like melasma, rosacea, eczema, signs of photodamage, or just extremely sensitive skin.

We offer a comprehensive menu of effective facial treatments to provide you with immediately noticeable results,viz.:

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