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Privé MEDSPA Lipodissolve / Injection Lipolysis / PPC

Studies have shown that over time, adipose tissue becomes lazy and begin storing excess fat especially under the chin, resulting in a turkey like appearance. The majority of us will always be interested in shortcuts to a better sculpted face and jawline but not everybody is willing to consider the surgical options. Clínica Privé brings you a revolutionary new non surgical treatment that can deliver dramatic results in a short space of time.

Lipodissolve or Injection lipolysis into the problem areas is a non surgical procedure to diminish localized fat deposits using a natural substance called lecithin in a cocktail with growth factors and peptides.

How does Lipodissolve / Lipostabil work?

Lipodissolve (also known as Lipostabil) contains the active ingredient Lecithin also known as PPC (Phosphatidyl choline) which dissolves the fat cell wall and causes fat reduction. The long term results of the Lipodissolve procedure are very dependent on what active ingredients are present in the solution. At Clínica Privé, we always use a combination of Lecithin and award winning growth factors and peptides. The growth factors & peptides present in the cocktail stimulate the production of collagen so that the dermis is strengthened and skin texture improved on.

What are the typical areas that are treated?

On the Face Lipodissolve treats:

A double chin and flabby jowls does not necessarily come with age and these signs are usually recognised when one sees oneself in profile or in photographs. Double chins or neck waddles are the result of excess fat or hanging loose skin or both. That distinction is important as it changes the strategy for what will be the most effective treatment. At Clínica Privé we offer non surgical combinations of treatments such as Lipodissolve, EndyMED Skin Tightening, Laser Genesis and VContour that reduce fat cells and tighten skin. The sooner these procedures are started to reduce resistant fat and improve collagen levels, the better the long term outcome.

How can Lipodissolve give back a youthful appearance and help the ageing process?

There are different types of skin and we all age differently. No matter how well we look after our skin, the inevitable ageing will take place. One can maintain a “Hollywood face” by keeping one’s skin firm and taught with collagen to avoid the inevitable sagging that takes place over time. Tighter, firmer skin supports the face and prevents the other soft tissues in our face and the muscles from sagging. Lipodissolve with Growth Factors stimulates the fibroblasts to produce collagen, which is the major support structure for the skin. The Lecithin in the Lipodissolve destroys the fat cell and re-sculpts the jawline. If one can keep one’s skin firm and taught with collagen, then the sagging that takes place over time can be contained as tighter skin supports the soft tissues of the face.

The new concept today is to start with tightening and collagen rejuvenation treatments early so as to and avoid or postpone surgical solutions for as long as possible. With Lipodissolve 4 - 6 treatments are needed 2 to 4 weeks apart. At least one yearly cycle is recommended.

What to Expect after the Lipodissolve procedure?

A mild redness and swelling of the skin occurs following the procedure which usually resolves within 3 to 5 days. Mild bruising also occurs and this usually resolves after 7 days. At Clínica Privé, since the introduction of a EndyMED radiofrequency RF procedure after the Lipodissolve treatment there are only mild side effects such as swelling and bruising which resolve without any consequences. Long term results of a Lipodissolve treatment are also improved if a RF treatment follows a Lipodissolve treatment.

How many treatment sessions are needed?

Results can be seen after the third or fourth treatment. For best results 4 to 8 treatments are needed 2 weeks apart.


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