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Privé MEDSPA Digital Smile Design

Digital Smile Design - A truly unique experience

‘The smile you have always dreamed of, the confidence you have always wished for and the attention you could not have imagined before.’

DSD - Digital Smile Design will offer you:

One of dentistry’s most challenging dilemma relates to whether or not a dental specialist will be able to completely meet your, the patient’s, desire and expectations.

This is what DSD is thriving to achieve; - an improved communication between you as a patient, and your dental specialist. DSD uses a uniquely designed computer programme for your treatment plan. Besides that with the DSD programme we can digitally analyze any of your cosmetic concerns without any other issues being overlooked. Thus, any problems that have not been noticed prior to DSD evaluation will be able to be discussed and treated.

Additionally, this programme will allow you to visualize a possible final result on the screen before any treatment has been done and give you an understanding as to what your treatment would include.

Thereby, you can communicate any ideas and wishes you have prior your treatment. Being able to see the final result from a modified photo of your smile and compare it to what it looks like prior the treatment, does not only improve the communication between you and your dental specialist but also saves you costs and most importantly time.

DSD will help in your acceptance by permitting you visualize and understand both past and future treatments.


Is DSD suitable for me?

DSD is for anyone who feels his or her smile can be improved. DSD offers a new way of thinking, believing that the contemporary aesthetic dentistry can be must be highly customized.

Each patient may have different motivations, but all will receive an extraordinary experience, which will remind each one of them more of a wellness spa, business class lounge or a catwalk experience rather than a conventional dental treatment.

In today’s materialistic world, health and beauty gain more and more importance. Re-think your values and think twice what will make you happier in your life: a fancy new car?! Or a smile that will change you, the perception of others and how you see yourself.

Why dentists use DSD?

DSD is used by dentists all over the world and is being gradually introduced into more and more clinics each year. Many of our dental specialist using DSD, have very positive responses, the only downfall is that DSD is not very well known to patients. Once the process of smile design starts, patients have shown a very positive surprise visual expression and make great positive remarks to themselves.

When patients see the first smile design on screen then their expression changes drastically. Most of them are emotionally overwhelmed and cannot believe that this will be their smile. Most important part for the patient is accepting the treatment and the final outcome. The experiences have been intimate, euphoric and very emotional.


What does DSD Treatment involve?

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