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Privé MEDSPA Reconnective Healing

We invite you to experience this new energy healing with Susana Mendonça Leote, Reconnective Healing Practitioner.

What is Reconnective Healing®?
Reconnective Healing® is often described as a life-changing experience. It is a powerful and intelligent form of hands-off energy work, which utilizes newly re-established frequencies now available to us, and which we use to restore balance and harmony to the body, mind and spirit. The Reconnective Healing® spectrum is comprised of the full healing and evolutionary continuum of energy, light and information. It allows for the healings that are not just physical, not just mental, not just emotional… yet go beyond that to bring you healing that includes the evolution of your very being and essence!

"If you're lucky, your healing will come in the form you anticipate. If you're really lucky, your healing will come in a form you've not even dreamed of - one which the Universe specifically has in mind for you."  - Dr. Eric Pearl

How does Reconnective Healing® compare to other energy healing methods?
With Reconnective Healing® frequencies, you may access a new and more comprehensive spectrum of healing, one that not only includes yet expands beyond any and all known forms of ‘energy‘ healing.

It seems to go more directly to the core origin of issues and imbalances rather than using the "onion peeling" method of clearing layers from surface to core. Therefore, in most cases, it seems to work more rapidly and usually requires fewer sessions.Reconnective Healing®  and The Reconnection® at Privé MEDSPA

How many Reconnective Healing® sessions will I need?
Each session and each individual are unique. Most people begin to feel at least some result with the very first session. Many people further notice a deeper and more profound change around the time of the 3rd session.

You do not need regular ongoing sessions to maintain Reconnective Healing benefits. You will continue to experience these benefits in many ways as your life path unfolds.

How does a Reconnective Healing® Session work?
A Reconnective Healing® session lasts about 45-60 minutes. You’ll lie on a massage table, shoes off, eyes closed.

The universe knows and understands the way in which you need healing and, as such, each person's session is different.  You will undergo your own unique experience as the healing frequencies work on you to whatever level you require.

However it is important to understand that a Reconnective Healing® session is only the beginning - the energy opens up your being to heal at all levels and continues to work with you long after your session has ended.

These are some of the most commonly reported experiences:
- deep, profound relaxation
- relief from pain or other physical challenges
- healed chronic or acute conditions
- seeing angels or guides, experiencing visions, colors, lights, and sounds never known or heard before.

 The fee for session is 72€

What is The Reconnection®?
Reconnective Healing®  and The Reconnection® at Privé MEDSPAThe Reconnection® is a further step which some people may choose to take after experiencing one or more Reconnective Healing sessions. It is a way of staying permanently attuned to these frequencies and enables our continued evolution.
It can be a profound experience for the person who is willing to accept their life calling.  Many people report that their lives change quite dramatically after receiving their Reconnection, especially within the first six to twelve months, when they are likely to experience a period of accelerated personal growth and a great acceleration of their path toward higher consciousness and fulfillment of their own life purpose.

This is a 1-time only, 2-session process that propels you onward and works for you in many ways for the rest of your life.

The fee for both sessions is 333€

Where did these methods originate?
Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection were founded by Dr. Eric Pearl who, for 12 years, maintained a highly successful chiropractic practice in Los Angeles. In 1993 he discovered that he had become a conduit for an energetic frequency that was suddenly providing seemingly miraculous healing results for his patients. Through a series of events and experiences, he developed Reconnective Healing® and The Reconnection®.


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