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Privé MEDSPA Body Wrap Treatments

The body wrap treatments detailed below are very beneficial to your general health - as well as the feel good factor associated with them. Our bodies are covered with clothes most of the time and forgotten about, but they need just as much love and attention as our hands, face and feet. The benefits of body brushing and massage alone are endless.

Lose inches instantly with a body wrap or treat yourself to some TLC with the body beautiful package.

Remineralizing Program
De-Stressing Body Wrap with Ginger
Relaxing and calming ginger body wrap, particularly indicated for muscular tension. Ginger has great antioxidant properties, and is a powerful resource for promoting the blood flow and therefore alleviating muscle tension and contractions. Involves an exfoliation followed by a body wrap that relaxes the body. Thermal wrapping that contains ginger extracts to alleviate muscular tension. Very effective anti-oxidant, which also helps to improve cutaneous micro-circulation.
Energising Program
Bitter Chocolate and Vanilla Body Wrap
Black cocoa has a powerful anti-free radical activity, which promotes cell oxygenation. Thanks to calcium, potassium and magnesium content it has a remineralizing and hydrating action, which improves the quality of the skin. Cocoa improves circulation, thanks to its polyphenol (flavonoids) content, which reduces blood vessel inflammation. Stimulates cell metabolism thanks to caffeine, and helps to remove fats. Black cocoa secretes endorphins, which have sedative and analgesic effects producing a feeling of well-being. Involves an exfoliation followed by a mousse body wrap with dark chocolate and vanilla scent, perfect for pure dark chocolate lovers who want to relax and enjoy the most exclusive pleasures while improving their silhouette.
Detoxifying Program
Peel-Off Detoxifying Body Wrap
Relaxing and fortifying body wrap that stimulates peripheral circulation. Its concentration of specific active ingredients increases the blood flow and capillary strength, which enhances body relaxation thanks to its active ingredients Blueberries, mint and eucalyptus. This treatment alleviates the feeling of heavy legs and tiredness caused by deficient circulation or intense physical exercise. The force exerted by the therapist and relaxation together ensure the wellbeing of guests.  Involves an exfoliation followed by a Peel-off body wrap with red berries essence. Formulated to adsorb metabolites and toxins that are released through the epidermis, leaving a fresh and pure sensation, and a delicious smell on the skin.
Revitalising Program
Invigorating Body Wrap with Sapphire Gem
Body wrap with sapphire particles. A soft, velvety texture that provides vitality and dynamics to improve tissue tone and release muscle tension.  The energy of the sapphire stone is concentrated in chakras, and it has a very positive effect on the energy field as a whole. Increases the body temperature by increasing the energy channels.
Involves an exfoliation followed by a body wrap that restores the skin’s radiance. It provides vitality, renews positive energies and restores the skin’s radiance.
Lymphatic Drainage Program
Patricia Clarke Body Wrap
An exfoliation followed by the Patricia Clarke body wrap. The success of this amazing body wrap is due to the compression of the bandages and the active ingredients, strengthening, diuretic and stabilizing properties of the gel targets the toxins in the adipose fatty tissue, breaks down the fatty tissue by means of absorption by the lymph duct, so that the unwanted fatty tissue passes out through the body.
Anti-cellulite and Body Firming  Treatments
BODY WRAPPING is a special body contouring method which good results can be achieved with in the area of cellulite and toning as well. It is a thermotherapy, which generates sauna effect, so our organism burns calories to cool the body. If you arrive at the treatment with a low blood sugar level the calories burn by fat tissue. During the treatment a concentrated fat burning cream or gel will be applied to your body from knee to chest. Once the solution has been applied, the beauty therapist will wrap you tightly from ankle to chest in a special foil, to achieve compression effect. You’ll be left to relax for about 45 minutes in a thermal blanket. This method will start to increase lymphatic circulation and fat burning, promotes muscle relaxation and encourages sweating to flush out toxins. Body wrap is a treatment designed to tighten connective tissue, eliminate toxins, accelerate the lymphatic circulation and fat metabolism, that causes slimming and reducing of cellulite.
Anti-Cellulite Massage with Seaweed Extracts
An exfoliation followed by an Anti-Cellulite massage with extracts of red seaweeds. A body shape treatment that will help the release of toxins from the body. This treatment is especially for patients who wish to relax and enjoy the pleasures of a SPA and at the same time improvement of their silhouette.
Localized and Refirming Body Wrap
An exfoliation followed by body wrap that shapes your body. Involvement with thermal clay extracts to relieve muscle tension. Powerful antioxidant that favours the cutaneous microcirculation.


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