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Privé MEDSPA 3D Cellulite Solution

Millions of women are dissatisfied with the appearance of their bodies. More than 80% of women over the age of 20, regardless of their weight or size, are affected by cellulite. Many of them are managing a healthy lifestyle; yet improving their cellulite seems like an unachievable dream. Most women are looking for a solution for the treatment of dimpled, orange peel skin with pockets of resistant fat.

The majority of us will always be interested in shortcuts to a better body but not everybody is willing to consider the surgical options. Clínica Privé brings you a revolutionary new non-surgical treatment that can deliver dramatic results for cellulite in a short space of time; 3D Cellulite Solution, our signature cellulite treatment.

Any treatment modality for cellulite on its own can make a difference, but in our eyes it’s not sufficient. Cellulite and resistant fat has different forms and grades and thus success needs a combination of treatments that include lymphatic drainage, deep dermal heating for reduction of fat cells and improved circulation, stretching of the fibers that tether cellulite and collagen stimulation.

Separately each clinical application presents a powerful solution for the most in demand, fastest growing procedures with minimal downtime. By combining these treatments dramatic results can be expected. At Clínica Privé the 3D Cellulite Solution, a 6 in 1 treatment, combines the following treatments in an affordable package and consists of the following revolutionary therapies:



How does 3D Cellulite Solution work?

  1. VelaShape II - The Radiofrequency procedure uses local heating to cause an immediate tightening of skin, fat reduction in the area and at the same time increase circulation, which reduces toxins and improves the appearance of cellulite. VelaShape™, a four- in- one treatment , the first FDA class II cleared platform for Cellulite Treatment and is the first and only non-surgical FDA-cleared medical device for the Body Reshaping market using Circumferential Reduction.
  2. Carboxytherapy & Lymphatic drainage is a safe, minimally invasive lymph drainage treatment to increase lymphatic circulation to the lower limbs and buttock area, thereby reducing the build up of toxins, which is a major cause of cellulite. In addition, reshaping of the buttocks and lower limbs is achieved.
  3. Carboxytherapy fat reduction involves microinjections of CO2 into areas of hardened cellulite e.g. saddle bags, abdominal fat and love handles. This helps dissolve resistant fat and helps reduces stubborn stage 4 cellulite which traditionally has been very difficult to treat. An additional benefit is body contouring.
  4. Manual Lipomassage treatments dedicated to treat localized fat, cellulite and contours. Lipomassage stimulates the deep tissue, which breaks down fat cells; un-tethers the fibrous bands causing cellulite and improves lymphatic drainage.
  5. Transdermal mesotherapy uses no needle technology to deliver active ingredients into the mesoderm to improve circulation and help remove the toxins that cause cellulite.
  6. Lipodissolve involves micro injections of a mesotherapy solution into areas of hardened cellulite (type 4 cellulite) and fat to improve the appearance of cellulite and to contour the body.

How many 3D Cellulite Solution treatments are necessary?

The full effect of each combined bi-weekly treatment session takes approximately 3 to 4 weeks to manifest for cellulite improvement with an additional benefit of body contouring and tightening of lax skin. Typically 8 to 12 treatments of combined bi weekly sessions are required for cellulite and body shaping depending on your age, body shape, cellulite type and grade. For best results, clients have two 30 to 45 minute treatment sessions per week.

Maintaining a good body isn't a sprint — it's a marathon. Rather than waiting until their problems are bothersome again, patients must appreciate that maintenance goes a long way especially for cellulite. A follow up session every 2 months should maintain results.

Why should I choose Clínica Privé as my provider of body shaping treatments?

At Clínica Privé, a trained proffesional assesses each patient and a customized package prescribed. A great deal of emphasis is placed on the thorough analysis and assessment of the client's problem areas, so that the correct protocols can be chosen, programs selected and treatments carried out. At Clínica Privé, pre existing medical conditions are precluded from having the procedure and thus it is essential to have a doctor’s consultation before the treatment.

At Clínica Privé we have a large number of devices available for body shaping and we are able to choose the best device to suit your requirements.

Why is it best to do a combination treatment for cellulite?

Any treatment modality for cellulite on its own can make a difference, but in our eyes it’s not sufficient. Cellulite and resistant fat has different forms and grades and thus success needs a combination of treatments. If one takes the above into account and does treatments separately, the cost of individual treatments would add up to an exorbitant amount. At Clínica Privé we have recognized this problem and have packaged treatments together at a reduced price. Thus by combining the necessary clinical applications in a single treatment session, the combined treatments are more affordable for the average patient and one’s progress can be monitored over the course of 6 months. The effect of each treatment is accumulative with best results down the line. As best results are usually seen after 6 to 12 treatments every client is provided with a six month long solution dependent on budget and expectations.

Privé MEDSPAClínica Privé Tip:

At Clínica Privé we have recognized that before one even starts on any cellulite or body shaping program it is important that one is close to their ideal weight or BMI (Body Mass Index) as possible. A visit to our nutritionist at Clínica Privé will determine whether you are carrying excess weight. If patients are overweight, our weight loss program is recommended.

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