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Privé MEDSPA Naso Labial Folds

As we age, sun damage and pollutants such as smoking damage collagen, the building block of youthful looking skin.

Loss of collagen is the key factor in the visible signs of ageing as the skin loses its ability to hold its shape as the scaffolding of collagen fibers weakens to the extent that it cannot resist the effects of gravity. Typically, from the age of thirty, the naso labial folds become more prominent as the cheek fat pad drops down and contributes to the naso labial fold. If no preventative action is taken, as the forties are reached, the naso labial fold deepens and becomes an ingrained wrinkle, a sculptured jaw line becomes a jowl line and a double chin starts to manifest.

Previously there was no alternative to surgical face-lifts for improving naso labial folds. Unfortunately, traditional facelift surgery does not help the mid face too dramatically and does nothing for the integrity of the skin. Now, with the advent of skin soft tissue Dermal Fillers (Juvederm or Restylane), naso labial folds can be addressed as early as the late twenties when the skin has a much greater ability to rejuvenate.

At Clínica Privé, Skin Tightening devices such as EndyMED 3DEEP is utilized for deep dermal heating to shrink the collagen fibers and stimulate long term collagen stimulation. Multiple clinical studies have shown that id done around the naso labial area, an elevation occurs in the range of 1 to 3mms. This may sound like a modest amount, but in the face this can be a make a real observable difference to naso labial folds.

With the above treatment, the prospects of more defined cheekbones and a sleeker jaw line are all now possible but this usually comes at a price. At Clínica Privé we have recognized this problem and have come up with a solution to make it more affordable for the average person. As best results are seen with between 2 to 5 fillers every client is provided with a fully customized yearlong solution dependent on budget and expectations. The fillers have prolonged effects and can be administered one by one over a period of time until the desired result is achieved.

Clínica Privé Tip

When the lower parts of the face start dropping and naso labial folds become prominent, gravity is defied by lifting and replacing the lost volume with injections of Dermal Fillers and volumiser in the upper parts of the face. Restoring volume to these areas has a twofold benefit. It provides a fuller more youthful appearance to the cheeks, and it has a lifting, pulling effect that counteracts the appearance of nasolabial folds in the mid regions.


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