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Nobel Biocare, creators of the Teeth-In-An-Hour technology and trademark have been at the forefront of dental science for years. They are a recognized leader in the development of cutting edge technologies and solutions for dentists worldwide. The Teeth-in-an-hour ™ concept applies to a variety of edentulous patient demographics. Patients who have a history of compromised bone structures, due to disease, trauma or genetics, may benefit from this unique method of performing dental implant surgery.

Patients who have had implant failures, due to a variety of reasons, can be strong candidates for this procedure that can best assess existing bone structures and existing implants, further paving the way for developing a more intelligent implant mapping that promotes optimal health and longevity of treatment. Still another group that of truly discriminating patients who desire the benefits that only computer based imaging, CT-Scans and virtual implant placement can deliver. Virtual placement of recommended implants provides patients with the sound and practical information they need for making the best decision possible for maintaining their oral health needs.


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