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Tooth Extractions
The goal of any dentist is to restore and keep the teeth viable, extraction is not undertaken lightly, if the tooth can be saved it will be.

In cases when a tooth has sustained excessive damage an extraction procedure will need to be performed to ensure the neighbouring teeth are not affected.

In addition to the removal of badly damaged or decayed teeth, tooth extractions are performed in preparation for orthodontic procedures; a tooth or several teeth may need to be removed to provide adequate space for others to grow correctly.

Tooth extractions may also be performed when primary teeth do not fall out on their own, preventing the permanent teeth from growing in a healthy and normal manner. A tooth extraction will also be needed in cases of wisdom teeth that have been impacted or become infected.

A local anaesthetic will usually be needed prior to a tooth extraction procedure, to ensure that the patient will not feel any pain or discomfort. Simple tooth extractions are undertaken quite easily and painlessly. On occasion a surgical tooth extraction will be required, also painless but the client returns home with sutures in the gum following the procedure.

Wisdom Tooth Extractions
Wisdom teeth can become impacted when they do not grow in the correct manner.
An impacted wisdom tooth will be very difficult to clean, which is the reason why impacted teeth are more susceptible to tooth decay and other dental problems. A wisdom tooth extraction is also performed when the neighbouring teeth are being compressed, causing pain and discomfort.

Bone grafting
Bone grafting is necessary when there is not enough quality and quantity of bone material surrounding either the implant area or that of the surviving roots. Bone reduction occurs naturally over time and is the reason why implants should be placed very soon after extraction.

Sinus elevation
This procedure involves elevating the sinus membrane and placing the Bio-Oss bone graft onto the sinus floor, allowing implants to be placed in the back part of the upper jaw. Premature loss of upper back teeth results in a down growth of the maxillary sinus floor. So that implants of adequate length may be placed, the floor of the sinus is elevated and supported by bone graft material. This procedure has been performed successfully for over two decades now and is considered an accepted and predictable method of bone grafting.

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PRGF - Platelet Rich Growth Factors - REGENLab®

Reducing the recovery period after dental surgery

PERFECT SMILE´s new technology to speed recovery following surgery...
The process of surgery leaves a small wound in the soft connective tissues of the gum and underlying jaw bone. With any wound, the body produces a special set of proteins which act at the site of the wound to stimulate the body's natural repair process.

Using PRGF-technology, we are able to isolate these healing proteins from a small sample of the patient's blood and apply them directly to the area of the wound to accelerate the healing process.

To prepare the PRGF ("plasma rich in growth factor") we take a small sample of the patient's blood and treat it to produce a concentrated mixture of natural healing factors. This is then applied to the wound area in carefully measured therapeutic dose to optimise the healing process.

Is the technique proven?
PRGF is already being used very successfully to aid recovery times in many different areas of surgery including maxillofacial, cardiac, plastic and reconstructive. These advantages are now available to those seeking to replace missing teeth with dental implants.
Advantages of PRGF treatment:

  1. Leading edge technology backed by a wealth of experience and clinical testing
  2. Decreased inflammation and pain
  3. A trusted an proven range of medical applications
  4. Outstanding clinical efficiency as illustrated in many clinical publications
  5. Totally safe and biocompatible
  6. The only treatment of it's kind that holds European (CE) and American (FDA) approval

At PERFECT SMILE we are always researching new ways to improve the clinical process and make your visit to us as effective and pain-free as possible. With the arrival of PRGF technology, we can now offer a proven, safe and effective way to accelarate the healing process following surgery or after placment of dental implants.

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