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Privé MEDSPA Immediate Function

Historically implants have been associated with a time consuming surgical procedure. This is no longer the case with Nobel biocare implants. In most situations they can be inserted and used immediately, based on a refined treatment protocol and a unique implant surface.

Immediate satisfaction

Nobel biocare has made implant treatment easy. The benefits of Immediate Function are shortened treatment time, better clinical efficiency and less trauma to the patient – it is now possible to go from suffering from tooth loss to having functional and esthetic teeth in one treatment session.

The procedure is clinically documented by several independent studies, covering all oral regions, showing high success rates. The single most important factor for the success is the unique TiUnite™ implant surface.

A standard procedure

Immediate Function is for every clinician comfortable with implant treatment. But as for any treatment modality there are different skill levels required for different situations. Today several clinics have adopted this rewarding concept and treat 80-90% of their patients with Immediate Function, to the benefit for the patient and the clinic.

Prerequisites for the Immediate Function procedure with Nobel Biocare implants are clinically proven and the success rates are similar to those of conventional implant protocols. The results from these studies show that Immediate Function is possible in all oral regions and the following should be considered when performing the treatment:

Perfect Smile initial implant stability
High initial implant stability : Different bone qualities and quantities and preparation techniques will influence the level of stability. The implants should be well anchored in the surrounding bone and typically installed with a tightening torque of 35-45 Ncm.
Perfect Smile controlled loads
Controlled loads : The treatment planning should identify and reduce potential load factors such as cantilevers, lateral occlusal contacts, unstable dental occlusion and severe bruxism or other pronounced parafunctions. In some situations the occlusal contact may be reduced during the first 2-3 months after implant placement.
Perfect Smile osseo conductive implant surfaces
Osseo conductive implant surfaces : The TiUnite™ implant surface has proven to support the healing process and prevent loss of implant stability during healing. Published and ongoing clinical studies show similar performance with the Replace® HA coated surface. Either of these highly osseoconductive surfaces is recommended for Immediate Function.

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