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Perfect Smile Dental ClinicIf you and your family have a balanced diet, you will get all the nutrients you need for good dental health, with one possible exception - fluoride. Fluoride is vital for strong, decay-resistant teeth. If there is not enough fluoride in your community water supply, the level of fluoride can be adjusted to the right amount for good dental health (about one part fluoride per million parts water). If your drinking water is not fluoridated, ask your dentist how you can get the fluoride you need.

Fluoride toothpastes and mouth rinses have been proven effective in helping prevent dental decay. However, they do not contribute to your dietary fluoride.

Together, a balanced diet, daily use of fluoride, brushing and flossing, and sensible eating habits, can reduce the risk of or even prevent dental disease.

Adults Need Fluoride Too!

Flouride is especially useful in the following situations:

•  Sensitivity

•  Root Caries

•  Orthodontic Application

•  Dry Mouth

•  Cavities around Restorations

Protect your Smile and Dental Investments with Fluoride.

Perfect Smile Fluoride treatmentsThe topical application of fluoride has been investigated since the early 1940s. Numerous clinical studies have evaluated the cavity protection offered by topical application of specific fluoride products. Most of the early caries (cavities) studies involved the permanent teeth of children. The clinical results in studies involving adults, however, are positive; and the same protective mechanisms that are active in children also apply to adults.

As we grow older, many of us suffer from gum recession. This means root surfaces become exposed, providing a nw group of susceptible areas not generally found in children. Adults are living longer and keeping a greater number of their teeth; therefore, the incidence of root cavities in the adult population is steadily increasing exposing resulting in tooth sensitivity (hot or cold sensitivity).

Fluoride treatments can be the answer for you. The latest research has demonstrated that properly applied fluoride not only inhibits cavities by forming a more acid resistant surface layer, but it also works by reversing or remineralising early forming cavities (white spots). It is now understood that fluoride is capable of enhancing the rate of nat­ural remineralization by saliva. Fluoride relieves tooth sensitivity by initiating a rapid mineralization of the exposed root surfaces.

Your dental professional can best advise you whether fluoride treatments are indicated. The bottom line is that many adults can benefit from fluoride treatments!


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