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Privé MEDSPA Comprehensive Dental Examination

The starting point to the finest dental care is a comprehensive and thorough examination. A complete examination is performed for you so that you will know exactly the condition of your oral health.

It involves more than just looking at the teeth. We examine all the hard and soft tissues of the head and neck, tempomandibular joints (TMJ) and performs an oral cancer check routinely. We utilize the most modern and up to date technology to help us accomplish this thorough examination; i.e. study models, panoramic radiographs, intra-oral radiographs and digital intra-oral photographs.

Periodically the examination is updated to confirm the state of your oral health.

Benefits of the Comprehensive Examination

  • Avoid Future Trouble : A comprehensive examination establishes a baseline of where you are at with your oral health. If there is a change or a progression of disease we can monitor it. Major problems can be avoided or minimized.
  • No Unnecessary Surprises : You know exactly the condition of your dental health. We can present to you a lifelong dental health plan to meet your immediate needs and your future needs. You can choose to do what you want to do - your decisions are based on knowledge. This means that you have control of dental health.
  • Planning: A comprehensive examination allows both you and us to develop a master plan for your dental treatment. Then you can schedule your time, plan your budget and if needed work with your dental insurance cover; if you have it to accomplish your plan.
  • Retain natural teeth : Dental disease is like heart disease; in that usually it is only when it has reached an advanced stage that you notice it. Just because you don't feel any pain it doesn't mean you are dentally healthy. A comprehensive examination will establish accurately your level of health and allow you to repair problems sooner rather than later, when it may just be too late.
  • Cost effectiveness: Regular dental care works out far cheaper and easier in the long run than dental crisis management of dental problems. It is far healthier and cheaper overtime to maintain your teeth and gums and prevent the causes of tooth loss than it is to neglect your teeth and suffer pain and eventually undergo costly repairs down the road to restore your dental health.


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