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Privé MEDSPA Composite Bonding

Simply wonderful results.

Composite bonding is one of the simplest procedures we can do for our patients. Usually minimal tooth structure is removed and in one visit you can have a wonderful new smile.

Composite bonding involves the artistic placement of tooth colored plastic material (composite resin) to teeth to enhance their color, shape or size.

Composite bonding may be the perfect option for:

Perfect Smile open diastema
Diastemas (spaces between teeth)
Perfect Smile closed diastema
Perfect Smile crooked teeth
Crooked or poorly shaped teeth
Perfect Smile straight teeth
Perfect Smile worn teeth
Worn teeth
Perfect Smile full contour teeth
Perfect Smile washed out fillings
Permanently stained or discolored teeth
Perfect Smile esthetic fillings
Perfect Smile gappy smile
Unsightly, stained or washed out fillings
Perfect Smile restored smile
Perfect Smile fractures central incisors
Instant Repairs
Perfect Smile repaired central incisors

Cosmetic bonding is one of the most conservative, versatile and affordable ways to aesthetically restore a multitude of cosmetic problems.


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