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As we age, our teeth lose the whiteness, fullness, and shape associated with youthful and vibrant smiles. We understand that ageing-related imperfections of the teeth can lead to larger, surprising dental health issues and therefore we offer rejuvenating anti-ageing dentistry that can immediately take years off your appearance.

Years of improper biting, night grinding, teeth clenching, discolouring foods, lack of preventative care, and much more have a negative effect on your appearance that gets worse the longer it goes on. The colour, shape, and size of your teeth can age people an additional 5-10 years. There are simple treatments—often completed in just one visit—that can rejuvenate not just your smile, but even the whole shape of your face.

Your smile is the one feature that immediately tells the world how you’re feeling. Over time, your smile ages right along with the rest of your body. With age, your smile can lose vibrancy due to discoloration, tooth loss and excessive grinding. Lips begin to sag over time and lose their elasticity. Gravity and aging make our lower face shrink and sink in, resulting in less of our upper teeth showing as we speak or smile. Loss of collagen and diminished muscle tone allow wrinkles to form around our mouth and lips.

Anti-Ageing dentistry can address wrinkles, lip fullness and cheek support for a more youthful smile. Anti-ageing dentistry is an aesthetic change in the lower third of a patients face to improve and reverse the signs of ageing. We work from the inside out to create a fuller, more youthful smile. By building out and widening teeth through procedures, such as veneers, we can improve lip fullness, fullness to the cheeks, eliminating the dark corners when you smile and smooth out wrinkles around the face. It is similar to a facelift from the nose down without any scalpel. Veneers can build up the lower third of the face that collapses over time giving the lower third a facelift. They can make the corners of the mouth fuller and erase wrinkles.

Your ageing smile is not your fault or anything to feel self-conscious about. It is simply a natural process of life. As you age, teeth become shorter as a result of use. Your jaw position changes and the less prominent structure within your oral cavity cause a somewhat deflated and wrinkled appearance on the outside.

Before beginning treatment, we will carefully examine your teeth and facial structure. We will use the latest digital smile imaging technology to look at your entire facial structure as a whole to determine the best treatments for creating facial harmony and symmetry. Our focus is to choose treatments to repair age-related damage, enhance your smile, and help you look younger.

Over the years, daily use and pressure can take their toll on your teeth. You may suffer from tooth erosion, fractured teeth, and teeth discolouration. The teeth can also wear down and look short which will make your smile to disappear as you age. These concerns can affect your overall facial structure, causing wrinkles around the corners of our mouth often making you look 5 to 10 years older than you are.


Some wonder how tooth damage can create a look of premature aging. Here are just a few ways:

Your teeth support the shape of your mouth and lips. Patients with teeth that are angled inwards or non-symmetrically can make their lips look thin or uneven.

As we age, our jaws become narrower. This makes our smiles appear less full (think of dark spaces on both sides of the teeth), which is commonly associated with youthful vibrancy.

Wrinkles around the corners of our mouth can stem from a change in bite. These lines can be filled in by anti-ageing dentistry, taking years off the mouth’s appearance.

Similarly, repeated grinding, clenching, or just regular eating over time can diminish the height of our teeth. Short teeth can be painful in some instances and can shorten our bite, shortening the shape of our entire face and making it more square. Most people experience wearing down their teeth as they age. People who grind their teeth at night need extra attention to prevent future damage to their teeth. Even a few millimetres can make a massive difference in bite and facial structure.

Many consider silver amalgam (which contain mercury) or black fillings to be dated, which leads to extra self-consciousness about one’s smile. We use biocompatible dentistry techniques—including tooth-coloured fillings—that can replace or act instead of these out-dated methods (and without the potentially harmful effects of mercury).



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