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Privé MEDSPA About Nobel Guide™

Nobel Guide™ is a precise preoperative planning software to accurately plan the placement of dental implants. Because Nobel Guide™ integrates data from a CT scan; it provides precise information on the anatomy of the patient. The software allows treatment planning for the ideal position of the implants in both 2D and 3D, while taking into account clinical and aesthetical considerations.

The precise treatment plan made with Nobel Guide™ can be transferred to surgery with a surgical guide. The surgical guides are custom-made for each patient specific from the Nobel Guide™ treatment plan. The surgical-guide guides the drill during surgery to the exact implant location and the exact angulation as planned.

Nobel Guide ™ is a total system concept. This will provide the clinicians, both surgical and restorative specialists, to work through an immediate loading treatment together, from downloading and converting the CT data to fabrication of the surgical guide to fabrication of the permanent restoration to delivery of restoration to your patient for immediate function. The well-fitting components and accuracy afforded the surgeon through the CT data permits an effortless surgery that minimizes the time and trauma for the patient. The new technology and concept permits minimally invasive surgery using a flapless approach and may be used with any clinical situation, from the completely edentulous arch to partially dentate arch to the single missing tooth.

Nobel Guide ™ is a Nobel Biocare unique treatment concept allowing your dentist to offer patients exactly what they want: A fast, gentle treatment resulting in beautiful teeth now with the maximum of ease.

By planning your treatment and transforming this into a Surgical Template you enable an easy, predictable, fast and minimal invasive installation. And by reducing chair time and patients visit.

Nobel Guide ™ concept is applicable on any patient indication from single tooth to partially or fully edentulous. It is possible to perform flapless surgery combined with Immediate Function™ as the positions of implants are all known prior to surgery. Providing the prerequisites for delivery of Beautiful Teeth Now™.


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